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Queer.n.Care is an aesthetic space for expression of mental health experiences of queer community, by queer artists and allies. 


We- the mirror. You- the reality.


Queer n Care explores mental health experiences of queer individuals through art. We do not subscribe to strict limits on the kind of themes that can emerge in mental health experiences. We invite art pieces that walk us through the brightest to the darkest lanes of your experiences.


QnC carries out two artistic expresses: Seasonal Issues, quarterly issues showcasing 10-12 art pieces each and Moon Cycles, monthly issues showcasing 4-5 written art pieces. Some issues are housed under a special theme which is announced during our Call for Art Work (CAW).

Supporting a range of mental health themes, QnC is an inclusive space that advocates a pluralistic stance towards art. We plan to progressively develop our platform to house a range of art forms, including painting, photography, digital art, music pieces, proses and poems, dance pieces. 

हम - आईना।  
आप - ज़िन्दगी ।

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