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Lunar Cycles


We invite queer and ally artists to submit literary (both written and spoken) artistic pieces for our forthcoming Lunar Cycles editions. 


What can you submit? 

The sky is the limit- or the space- or infinity. 

Any literary art work we can hear (spoken) or read (written) which tells us your story, your experience of mental health as a queer or ally is welcome. Poems, prose, essays, opinion pieces, fiction and non-fiction.


When can you submit? 

You can submit to us anytime of the month (i.e. on-the-roll). Further, in contrast to our Seasonal Issues which are curated, Lunar Cycles is a non-curatorial space. We are committed to showcasing your work, as long as it is within the bounds of our Safety Statement. The Statement is written below. We envision Lunar Cycles to be a crowd-sourced space for artistic expression of mental health experiences in queer community. After we receive your art piece, provided it aligns with the Safety Statement, we will showcase it in our monthly Lunar Cycles edition. 

Who can submit?

We are committed to showcasing the work of emerging queer and ally artists, especially those belonging to underrepresented communities. We invite you to submit and also, don't forget to share this invitation in your circles!

How can you submit?

Please send us your written/spoken pieces in docx/pdf and mp4 format to the email id:






























Queer.n.Care Safety Statement


Queer n Care is dedicated to providing a harassment - free aesthetic experience for everyone, regardless of gender, gender identity and expression, age,sexual orientation, disability, physical appearance, body size, race, ethnicity, religion (or lack thereof), or technology choices. We do not tolerate harassment of our artists and community members in any form. Those violating these principles may be reported and banned from future participation at the discretion of the editors.


For radiant words may illuminate the other,

Craters help teach acceptance,

As we wax together for the times the tides run high,

And rest together when dark wanes our shine.

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