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Everyones Everything, by Bookkiller (Genderfluid , She/Her)

Everyones Everything

The series of work for this application consists of 3 of the 6, small scale collage, produced during the pandemic. The he/she/him/her/they/them intertwining imagery of male and female bodies are entitled EVERYBODY’S EVERYTHING. The work is made from delicate vintage paper and imagery, juxtaposing male and female heads, bodies, and feet.

JULY 2021

Vintage fashion magazines


Bookkiller has been an Artist, Art Educator, and Ally in South Florida for over 40 years. In her long and illustrious career she has shown Nationally and Internationally in museums and galleries, and has won the largest art award in the state of Florida, the prestigious Cultural Consortium Fellowship, twice. The series of work for this application consists of small scale collages, produced during the pandemic, for a Residency with Kolaj Institute.




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