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Fairy Tail, by Veronika Unuchko (Ally, She/her)

Fairy Tail

I was inspired by magic fairy tales that we hear in our childhood - the mysterious lands, flowers, world. My mind painted magical flowers from the darkness and unknown strange world around.



SIZE: 80x60cm / 31,5" x 23,6" / Canvas depth 2 cm / 0,8"

Technique: Oil on canvas

Canvas: Already stretched on a wooden frame. Sides are painted. Ready to hang.

Colors quality: High luminosity, non-toxic

Veronika Unuchko

Veronika was born in Kyiv, Ukraine in 1990. Throughout her life, she has always been fascinated by art in its various manifestations. She made my first steps in art life by studying architecture in Kiev National University of Civil Engineering and Architecture in 2006. She got her master's Degree of Architecture in 2011. During her last study years, she started experimenting in photography and painting. She began to devote more and more time to oil painting and defined it as her favourite painting method. Nowadays, she is a painter and photographer. She creates colourful abstract paintings using oil and acrylic on canvas. And for her paintings, she uses different instruments - not only brushes but wide headed brushes, palette knife, squeegee, and her own hands.

She focuses on texture, colour and composition in my artworks. Most artworks are based on traditional media and techniques, such as canvas, paper, painted with oil, acrylic and mixed media. Despite the fact that she gives names to her paintings, everyone find something unique in her artworks. She tries to send the viewer on a journey of discovery across the painting surface and sensitize them to their own feelings while looking at colour, structures, cracks and textures.

Her artworks are part of private collections in Ukraine, Austria and United States. Nowadays, she also has a studio in Kyiv, Ukraine.




Instagram: @unuchko_artist

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