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Liquid Lyrical Liberty, by AnimaeNoctis (Genderfluid, They/Them)

Queen: Liquid Lyrical Liberty

A still from a short documentary about a man called Queen. S/He enjoys her/his solitude, s/he works in a garden, s/he dances as if this public garden were a playground. S/He talks about her/his nonbinary attitude, and the final dance (a remixed Boléro inspired by Ida Rubinštejn 1921 dance) is a gentle act of anarchy.

Video available here: June 2021

Digital + Live Art


A multimedia duo ( dappled identity, e.g. nonbinary. They experiment with a life project: life can be avantgarde, avantgarde can be amusable, amusement can be critical.

Collective exhibitions: Cheap Street Poster Art Festival (Bologna, 2021); ] GAZE [ (Shrewsbury, 2021); Love & Chaos (The Alchemy Experiment, Glasgow, 2021); Got Something To Say About Europe (Kunstarkaden, Munich, 2021). Publications: “The Working Artist" (March 2021), “Art Hole” (April and July 2021), “Feminist Spaces Journal" (Summer 2021). AnimaeNoctis took part in the international conference "Perché Pasolini, 99 anni dopo?" (EMUI, Madrid-Rome 2021).

The videos Loxías and PRIDEPRIDEPRIDE were screened respectively in "Literature and Other Worlds: Genres, Politics, Society" (LILEC Graduate Conference, Università di Bologna, 2020) and in Festival of Pride and Knowledge (2021). They manage the publishing house Lotta di Classico and co-edit the aperiodical e-magazine "NINABYRON".





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