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Succeeded, by Sourjata Kumar Saha (Ally, He/Him)

The man  is unbound able and finally made his way despite of all resistance.

Unbound and able, the man makes his way despite of all resistance. Claws and grips, tugs and pulls only make him stronger as he wills his way against reluctance and refusal. Success is trying to free oneself from the tentacles of conformity.

January 2021

Pencil on Board

Sourjata Kumar Saha

Sourjata/Pari has graduated in Fine Art Painting from Govt. College of Art and Craft , Kolkata, under University of Calcutta- WB- India. His expounding artistic strength and exuberance was witnessed from the very beginning of his artistic career through several multiple leading shows with the ace painters, he has participated and left a very significant mark there. He has exhibited his works in Italy, Singapore Australia, China, Malaysia and many more countries and all metro cities of INDIA. There are a number obscure personalities Art Galleries, Museum, top Corporate around the country to admire and collect his works. His works were reviewed in several print and electronic medias. Despite his mastery over painting Sourajata is very passionately creating sculpture, fashion garments, water colour paintings, ceramic potteries also. He is multi special and he believe in art totality.



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